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The Emporium

A range of Products and Workshops to guide you on your journaling journey…

The Wonderful Week Journal Planner

A 46 page part-mindfulness journal and part-daily planner combined with life coaching techniques to lift your spirits and gently steer you towards a more fulfilling way of being.

Thrive Journal Planner 2023

An 85 page guide to being kind to yourself while reflecting on the last 12 months, getting clarity on what you really want for the next 12 months and inviting those things into your life in a gently systematic way.

Journal Me Happy

An online group workshop to show you how to use journaling to take back control of your own happiness, reduce stress and boost optimism and confidence, so you don’t have to rely on external factors to brighten your day.   

Workshops and Courses

Single workshops, or courses running over a few weeks, both in person and virtual. Including Beginners Journaling, Writing for Wellbeing and Finding Your Purpose Through Journaling. Get in touch for more details.

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