A gentle look at goal setting

Jul 7, 2023 | Goal setting

I want to talk about goal setting because it’s becoming much more onerous than it should be because too many of us think that we need to set big goals for them to be worth anything… which all too often sets us up for failure.

So here we are, halfway through the year. So what?!

There are a lot of 6 month goal reviews around at the moment and if that’s your thing, great! Go for it. I like those too. Sometimes.

The thing is though, whether you’re talking about a year or 6 months or 1 month, it’s just a container of time to use as a parameter to measure your progress by. But actually, YOU get to decide when that container of time begins AND how long it is.

I know, revolutionary!

Just because the world operates on a 365 day time frame doesn’t mean you have to, unless you want to.

So, how does the realisation that we’re halfway through 2023 make you feel?

Startled? (Whaddya mean we’re half way through the year? We can’t be!)

Frustrated? (Where did the last 6 months go and why haven’t I got anything to show for it?!)

Stressed? (There is so much I want to get done this year and I’m all behind!)

If it’s any of the above I invite you to take a deep breath.

Wherever you’re at, it’s ok.

You might have been too busy just dealing with everything that’s on your plate on a daily basis to have the capacity to think about anything else.

You might not really know what you want which makes making plans to achieve it somewhat tricky!

What you think you want might not be compelling enough for you to make the effort.

Beating yourself up about it won’t change anything. Be kind to yourself. Be curious. Take your time.

I’m all for doing things gently. With ease. In ways that work for you.

The satisfaction of achievement is one of the keys to feeling fulfilled. But achievements are personal. Something that you’d get done before breakfast and think nothing of it could be A Big Deal to someone else. Achievements do not have to be huge, they just have to be significant to you.

Start small. You can get that satisfaction fix simply by deciding on a couple of goals for today. And make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for doing them.

This kind of gentle goal setting is included in my free Simple Daily Journal Sheet which you can get here.

Go after the small goals because they add up.

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